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Frequent Vivia Visits Help to Avoid Costly Facility Placement

A 74 year old client was headed to be placed in a long term care facility at a cost of over $8,000 per month. With Vivia’s help, he was able to stay at home with daily medication assistance at a fraction of the cost.

The Client

A 74 years old man lives at home with his wife. He has difficulty managing his medications and both seniors have signs of worsening dementia. He is incontinent, suffers from episodes of dizziness and has erratic sleep habits. He has high blood pressure, high lipids and an irregular heartbeat, all of which are not under control.

The Challenge

His primary care physician recommended that his family place him in a residential care home which would have cost $8,000-$11,000 per month. As a middle-class working family, they couldn’t afford such an expense and sought an alternative solution.

The Vivia Solution

He joined a Vivia neighborhood for one medication reminder visit per day for five days a week. His Vivia Assistant reliably stopped by daily for a brief well-being check in visit and to personally remind him to take the medications that had been pre-poured by his son.

The Savings

Vivia offered an affordable option for this family that saved them more than $400 per week versus traditional hourly home care and saved over $7,000 per month by avoiding placement in a care facility. Additionally, the client likely avoided hospitalizations and admissions into the healthcare system due to his improved health.

The Positive Outcome

After just a few weeks, the client’s physician was happy with his progress and his improved lab results and agreed that he could remain at home while receiving Vivia services.


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