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Consistent caregivers – No minimum hours

Our caregivers visit the same clients each day to become familiar with each of them, understand their needs and earn their trust. Whether for a quick wellness check several times a day, in‐person medication reminders, a shower or simply keeping a client company for a couple of hours, our friendly team is ready to help.

NEW – Assisted Transport Program

Does a senior in your life need extra help getting to and from appointments and errands?  Vivia can provide transportation and give hands-on help before, during and after a visit.

  • A Vivia Assistant can take a senior to doctor appointments and help them transfer from vehicle to wheelchair to an examination chair. The Vivia Assistant can even stay with the client, call a family member to participate, or report back to the family.
  • Vivia can assist a senior during errands like visits to hairdressers or grocery shopping if they need stand-by assistance or have memory challenges.
  • Families can schedule set times for pickups.

Find out how Vivia can work for you

What is Vivia?

Vivia is a whole new way to experience in-home care. It consists of frequent, shorter visits by Vivia Assistants who are trained to deliver value by achieving your specific goals. Seniors are paired with a dependable Vivia Team who can provide consistent, reliable and frequent services at home.

What can we do for you?

  • Frequent Visits

    Vivia Assistants can visit you as frequently as you want – even several times a day. Whether you need daily in-person medication visits for you or a loved one, a quick well-being check-in during the day, or just help making breakfast every morning, our Vivia Team can help. There is no request too small.

  • Wellbeing Check In Visits

    For the independent senior who lives alone and doesn’t need much help, it can often be nice to know that someone will be swinging by once a day to see if there’s anything you need and check in on you. Wellbeing check in visits can give you and your family great peace of mind.

  • Medication Reminders
    Medication Reminder Visits

    Taking your medication regularly and on time is so important for maintaining your health and independence. A Vivia Assistant can make it easy for you to stay on schedule with your medications and not make any mistakes so that you can continue to flourish at home.

  • Showers and Hygiene Health

    There’s nothing like the refreshing feeling of a nice shower or bath. But if you feel unsteady in the shower or fear falling in the tub, let a Vivia Assistant help you enjoy your shower or bath without the worry. Because you will be assigned a consistent Vivia Team, you can rest assured that you will know and be familiar with the Vivia Assistant who comes to help you with this most personal task.

  • Continence Support

    Managing your eliminations is private and personal. You may not want close family members or your spouse to have to assist you with these needs. Vivia Assistants are trained to be discrete, compassionate and understanding about your needs and can visit several times a day to assist you. Because you will be assigned a consistent Vivia Team, you can rest assured that you will know and be familiar with the Vivia Assistant who comes to help you with this personal task.

  • Healthy Home Housekeeping

    If you like a tidy house, but the vacuum is getting too heavy to get out of the closet, or lifting a heavy load of wet laundry is getting challenging let your Vivia Assistant ease the burden of some of these tasks and allow you to remain independent at home.

  • Healthy Meal Preparation

    You love to eat eggs but you’re not comfortable cooking it up yourself anymore or you enjoy preparing a fresh salad, but handling a sharp knife is no longer easy. A Vivia Assistant can help you prepare meals that fit your dietary needs even if you have a chronic condition and have special food requirements. Your Vivia Team can help you eat the foods that you like and are healthy for you.

  • Respite Support

    Family caregiving can be exhausting. Family caregivers need to tend to their own health and take a break so that they can continue to be there for their senior loved ones. When going on vacation or just needing break a few hours a week to tend to their own needs, Vivia Assistants can help with respite services.

  • Hospital Discharge
    Hospital Discharge Support

    Coming home from the hospital can be a complicated and confusing process. A Vivia Assistant can help you settle in to new routines after discharge with new medications, follow up actions such as breathing and therapy exercises, and frequent check ins if you’re home alone and may need occasional assistance. When family is unavailable, your Vivia Team can even pick you up from the hospital and get settled at home.

  • Social Engagement

    Vivia Assistants are specifically hired for their social skills and are courteous and engaging as they carry out their tasks. Our clients look forward to seeing their Vivia Assistant.

  • Consistent Team
    Consistent Team

    You will be served by your own consistent Vivia Team. Because Vivia Assistants visit the same client every visit, they become very familiar with your needs, understand your preferences and build a trusting relationship with you. Familiarity with the same Vivia Assistant helps ease anxiety and build trust.

  • Reliability You Can Count On

    Vivia Assistants are recruited for their excellent customer service skills and provided a company care and assigned to clients in close proximity to each other. This enables the Vivia Team to reliably provide quality services that you can count on at every visit. You can also create your own unique package of services at a reliable price to fit your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vivia is transforming the way home care is delivered by pairing seniors with dedicated Vivia Teams resulting in consistent, reliable and frequent visits that are achieving seniors’ goals less intrusively and in less time than traditional care.

How does Vivia work?

Seniors within a defined geographic neighborhood share a Vivia Team who drive from house to house completing each senior’s desired tasks. By sharing a Vivia Assistant, services can be delivered in frequent, shorter and more meaningful visits. Seniors create their own unique package of services and there is no requirement to purchase a minimum block of time. You only pay for what you need. Seniors get more consistency and stability by working only with one assigned Vivia Team and Vivia Assistants learn to know and understand their client’s needs and preferences very well resulting in familiarity that reduces anxiety, builds trust, promotes social engagement and efficiency.

Can Vivia start right away?

Generally, yes. If there is a Vivia neighborhood in your area with open availability, services can be started right away.

How is Vivia different from traditional home care?

Traditional home care is time based. Families purchase blocks of time for assistance that are fulfilled by any caregiver staying for a set amount of time. Vivia Assistants are value based upon achieving the goals of the senior irrespective of time. Because Vivia Assistants serve their neighborhoods on a full-time basis, there are no minimum blocks of time required for any one visit thus Vivia Assistants can concentrate on accomplishing the goals which can often be accomplished in less time than the minimum blocks. There may also come a time when long hours of personal care services are needed to meet the goals and your Vivia Team can assist with transition to traditional home care services or supplement Vivia services with traditional services. The key is Vivia’s focus on meeting your goals rather than just a set amount of time

Who is best suited for Vivia Services?

Vivia is best suited for a senior who needs some assistance with activities of daily living even several times a day, but does not want or need long, intrusive hours of assistance. Vivia can help with assistance with walking, bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, eating, meal preparations, cleaning, vacuuming, grocery or meal deliveries, taking medications and more. Vivia can assist seniors with mild or moderate dementia who generally can be left alone and do not need constant supervision.

Can Vivia provide short term respite services?

Yes, Vivia is well suited to provide temporary assistance whether it be on a weekend to provide families with a respite break or an extended vacation.

How will my family be kept informed?

Our advanced mobile electronic record helps to keep everyone on the same page including the senior, their family and the whole Vivia Team. Our mobile app was specifically designed for advanced outcomes monitoring and communication. The mobile app enables the Vivia team to easily know what needs to be done with every visit, and to efficiently document their completion of tasks, any special notes and the achievement of outcomes so that families are kept informed every step of the way. Family members can monitor outcomes from their own mobile devices wherever they may be.

Is my Information kept confidential and private?

Yes, absolutely. We take very seriously the confidentiality and privacy of your data and personal information. While the Vivia Team is shared, personal information is NOT shared. Vivia’s privacy and confidentiality standards are HIPAA compliant and overseen by state licensure requirements.

Can Vivia be flexible to meet my budget?

Yes. Because there are no minimum hours required, our Vivia Team will work with you to assess your needs and goals and work with you to craft the right combination of services and visits to fit your budget.

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