Vivia Cares, Inc

Vivia Helps 85 Year Old Get Control Over Diabetes

85 year old living alone was not able to manage his diabetes medications and diet. Vivia Assistant helps to encourage healthier habits and improved health.

The Client

The client is 85 years old and lives alone. He was not eating regularly nor taking his medications. His diabetes was not controlled as a result of his irregular eating habits and poor medication adherence.

The Challenge

The client’s family was unable to provide regular oversight as they worked full time and had ongoing concerns about his well-being due to his uncontrolled blood pressure, weight and HbA1c blood glucose levels.

The Vivia Solution

The client joined a Vivia neighborhood for regular visits so that his Vivia Assistant could provide meal preparation services, daily meal assistance and medication reminders,

The Savings

Vivia’s personalized plan designed for him improved his overall health status and saved the family over $2,000 per month versus if they had chosen traditional care services with a 4-hour daily minimum. This translated to savings of $25,000 per year. He also likely avoided countless hospitalizations and ER visits due to his improved health.

The Positive Outcome

After a month, his son reported that he was eating regularly and his blood pressure, weight and HbA1c blood glucose levels were markedly improved. The client’s physician was very happy and decreased the dosage and number of his medications. More importantly, his family now have peace of mind in knowing that his health situation is well managed and under control.