Vivia Cares, Inc

Vivia’s Consistency Proves Effective with Dementia Client’s Hygiene Health

A senior with poor hygiene health and dementia was stretching family to the limits. Vivia helps gain her trust, improve her hygiene and stay at home for longer saving over $100,000.

The Client

The client was not sleeping at night and had refused to take a shower for months.

The Challenge

The client’s daughter was the main caregiver for both her parents. She worked a full-time job and was burnt out and at her wits end. She had begun to worry that her employer was concerned about all the time off she had been taking to provide care for her mom. Her daughter and was seriously considering placing her mother in a care facility.

The Vivia Solution

They joined a Vivia neighborhood where her Vivia Assistant would come for daily morning visits five days per week and provide housekeeping assistance three times a week. The caregiver would also share a sit-down lunch with her five times a week and assist her with showers twice a week.

The Savings

The Vivia plan uniquely designed for her cost about $450 less per week than a similar program under traditional care, providing an annual savings of about $25,000. KB was able to remain at home for 16 months before needing to move to a facility, which saved the family over $100,000.

The Positive Outcome

With the consistency of having the same caregiver come to assist her, the client began to trust the Vivia Assistant and looked forward to her daily visits. She began sleeping regularly to be fresh for the Vivia Assistant’s visit. She also resumed eating regularly and taking her meds daily. Her blood pressure improved and her erratic sleep patterns stabilized. Her daughter also was able to return to work knowing that her mother was being well cared for.