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A knowledgeable Vivia Navigator can act as your experienced, educated partner in senior care. Vivia Navigators help families navigate the complicated system every day. They will listen to your needs, work with you to determine your goals, and outline an appropriate care plan for services within your budget.

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Options and Alternatives

Talk to a live Vivia Navigator to learn if Vivia is right for you. During your conversation you can share your concerns and goals and explore what options are available to fit your needs.

Consult an RN Navigator

Finding the right senior care for your loved one can be very confusing and you may have a lot of questions:  What is the right care for my loved one?  How much does it cost? Does insurance cover long term care?  What are my options? Is my loved one ready for residential care?

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Short, Frequent Visits with a Vivia Assistant

For an independent senior living at home who may help with just a few things, Vivia is a good option. Here are some typical examples of how Vivia can help.

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Long Hours of Compassionate Care

When you need someone by the side of a senior for longer hours or continuous 24/7 care.  A Vivia Navigator can help coordinate long hourly services as well as short Vivia visits.  Trained Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) can work in your home if, for example, your senior needs:

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Companionship or Transportation

Social interaction and engagement with others are important elements for purposeful living and for bringing meaning to every day.  When seniors have difficulty getting out of the house, socialization can become a challenge.  A Vivia Navigator might suggest some example of solutions:

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